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About Cogent Group

Vision// We are dedicated ourselves to integrating professionalism and resources in various fields. With forward-looking vision and macroscopical strategies, we are determined to become the pioneer of innovation and industry. By continuously creating industrial value and transformation, we aim to realize a better quality of life and sustainable development that is near perfect.

We have been maximizing our resources by integrating them from industries that are similar and different from us, which enables every strong business group to become a world-class focus in this industry.

Mission//Centering on design and combining aesthetic and moral thinking, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services through customized design, business planning, education, knowledge learning, and so on.

Covered Areas

Interior Design

Focus on the design for architectural, residential, and commercial space (public facilities/reception center) as well as religious and landscape design.

We have a professional design and engineering team, and meanwhile, keep our eyes open for people who are passionate about interior design. Through continuously improving our professional services and innovative design, we strive to provide the best planning program.

Animation Design

No matter whether it is using virtual 3D perspective or design planning for actual space, we consider every service a brand new challenge and design…. Frequent communication and interaction is the rule of thumb for turning ideas into masterpieces…We produce each piece of work meticulously with high attention paid to details and styles.

Visual Design

With graphic visual design aesthetics as the foundation for development, we continue to create indefinite aesthetic talent groups, such as artistics, interior decorating, cultural and creative brands, and so on, to strengthen our customer services by starting with the idea of “Aesthetics.”


Education and training is a critical part and key function of human resource management and development in an enterprise. The breakthrough in concept and mentality or in skills is a vital means to increase the asset value of human resources and improve organizational efficiency in an enterprise.

Employee education and training is the key to nurture and develop communal values and enhance organizational unity in all employees.

Estate Investment

Our team has many years of experience of creating one-stop professional and high-quality services, from land development and integration, design and planning, advertising, and pre-sale and consignment to existing home sales. After years of transformation and growth with our constant pursuit of innovative breakthroughs and professional upgrading, we expand our services overseas to well-known construction consignment, real estate transactions, and land development and construction in order to provide our customers with diversified investment services for a better future.


Making correct decisions on marketing is the key to ensure our company’s competitive advantage and make our company invincible. To survive and develop, we need to make good business decisions.

Enterprises use marketing activities to analyze the current situation and development trend of the external environment. Through combining their own resources, enterprises will make appropriate scientific decisions on product pricing, distribution, promotion and services, and so on.


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